What We Do


Security Systems - Burglary, Panic and Fire

We do consulting, sales, installation, maintenance and monitoring of systems. We cover the complete security panel systems including the panel and all components.

Video Systems and Cameras

We use March Networks video systems to keep you compliant with their award winning products. We sell, maintain and monitor our systems so you can focus on running your business.

Access Control

Our integrated Access Control is built into the security panel making it more secure and easier to manage.  Fully and simply control who can access different areas, doors, cabinets and more across all facilities. 

Security Guards

We have staff to protect your Cultivation, Extraction, Infused Manufacturing, Dispensary and Testing facilities. We can provide armed and unarmed guards.

Facility Protection

CST can also assist you in protecting your facility through the use of bollards, security fencing, security lighting and more. 

Why Use CST Security Solutions


Experience Matters

We have designed and implemented access control and security systems in the largest and most secure organizations in North America.  We know regulations can be confusing, but we have decades of experience implementing government regulations in technology and security.  


Missourians Serving Missouri

We grew up in Missouri, we have built careers and families here.  We know what is important to you, our neighbors.  We want to help you get your license and keep it.  We are here now to help you with security, video, and access control plans.  We will be here in 2020 and beyond to help you keep that license and run your business.


Security Solutions for Your Business

CST provides solutions. We aren't like other security companies.  CST has expertise in security systems, video monitoring, DVRs, fire systems, access control, guards, anti-diversion, loss prevention and product transport.